History of Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry in Ancient History


To the Chinese, pearls were prized possessions and favorite gifts given to royalty. The first known mention of pearls is in Chinese records from 2300 BC. Back then, freshwater pearls were found in the river Huai in the province of King Hau.


Ancient Hindu scripts refer to pearls repeatedly, and one of them states that the first pearl was discovered by the god Krishna. Another notable mention of pearls is in Ramayana – the ancient, epic poem – which describes a necklace comprising of 27 pearls.


Around 4000 BC, the ancient Egyptians were rather fond of the mother-of-pearl (shell), but not so much of the pearl itself. Pearls only became valuable around the 5th century BC, although this date is under dispute. The mother-of-pearl was used as decoration of their living spaces as well as themselves. They created jewelry from beads made from the shells.

Roman Empire

To the Romans, pearls were a symbol of wealth and prestige and fit for a god. They took this quite literally and adorned the marble statue of the goddess Venus with the best, largest, and perfectly round matching earrings that they could find. They felt so strongly about the superior value of pearls that they tried to prohibit those not deserving them from wearing pearls.

One story tells how Cleopatra said to the Roman leader, Marc Anthony, in a banquet she was holding in his honor, that she could make the most expensive dish ever provided. Much to his surprise, she went ahead and dropped one of her pearl earrings in sour wine (vinegar). The Pearl dissolved, she drank her pearly cocktail, and without a doubt, she won the wager.

Greece and Persia

The Greeks believed pearls brought love and were, therefore, a prominent feature at many a wedding. Homer famously described Juno’s pearl earrings in the Iliad. The Metropolitan Museum of New York had a Greek necklace from 2,300 years ago on display up until about a 100 years ago.

The Persian Gulf had countless natural oyster beds – it may have been the largest and oldest ever known – and was the principal source for pearl jewelry in Greece. The Koran describes that one of the greatest treasures provided in Paradise are pearls. Pearls are also depicted in many ancient Persian sculptures and coins. Perhaps the oldest pearl necklace still in existence – found in a 2,400-year-old tomb of a Queen – is known as the Susa necklace. This necklace has three rows of 72 pearls each and has been on display for over 100 years in the Louvre’s Persian gallery.

Pearl Jewelry in Modern History

North America and Europe

When the Spanish explorers landed on American soil, they were surprised to see the vast amounts of pearls they encountered in the New World. As the story goes, a certain Native American princess gifted freshwater pearls to the Spanish explorer and conquistador, Hernando de Soto, among-st other things. At the time, there were many lakes and rivers with large deposits of pearls in them. Colonizers from France, Spain, and England could not wait to send these treasures back to their homelands. Queen Elizabeth, I was very fond of pearls, and many historical paintings and later photos of nobles showed them wearing excessive amounts of pearls in their hair, in crowns, sewed onto their clothes, and of course as pearl jewelry.

In the 1800’s pearls were found in the Upper Mississippi River, starting a treasure hunt that could almost be compared to the gold rush in California. Millions of mussels were killed in the process, and the pearl supply dried up in the 19th century due to over fishing and pollution. Not only pearls were in demand. The mother-of-pearl (mussel) was used to make buttons. Billions of mussels were extracted and processed into buttons, until the mid-20th century when plastic buttons replaced the mussel variety. In its heyday in 1899, there were 60 button factories in the Mississippi River Valley, and in 1922, it was the largest and most profitable inland fisheries in the US.

The Age of Pearl Culturing Starts

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Japanese researchers were looking for techniques to cultivate pearls to increase supply to meet the growing demand for pearls. The first successful and most famous was Kokichi Mikimoto, who in fact used a technique developed by the British/Australian marine biologist William Saville-Kent. Kokichi was a pioneer of the cultured pearl industry and master of persuasion. He managed to convince buyers that these cultured pearls were just as valuable as the natural pearls. And so the age of pearl farming started.

In less than 50 years, pearls became available to anyone – it was no longer exclusive to only the super-rich and Royals. Today, high-quality pearls are affordable to the general public.

Trendy Jewellery To Make You More Beautiful

George Eliot rightly said “These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of”. Different gems denote different things. For instance, Diamonds are regarded as the ultimate gift and the promise of eternal love. Ruby is red in color represents passion, love and emotion. It is believed that the wearer of this gem is bestowed with good fortune. Sapphire on the other hand represents honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. Peridot is considered to protect its wearer against nightmares; also it is believed that this gem instills power and influence. Emerald is considered the color of spring and symbolizes love and rebirth also it is considered to aid in fertility. Swarowski Zirconia is considered to be aiding in resting, bringing prosperity, and promoting honor and wisdom.

It is no secret that women love jewellery. All things considered, seldom has any woman ever said no to it. Ornaments come in different types and sizes. Gold is the most common ornament material loved worldwide. The yellowish aura of the world’s favorite metal makes the heart warm at every look. Ornaments can broadly be categorized as earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, rings, anklets, brooches, toe rings, and nose pins. There is a huge variety and new styles coming up every day. But the base distinction remains the same. Jewellery is an age old tradition that ceases to die even in the modern world. Especially in weddings it is considered to be bringing in good luck and prosperity to the wedding couple.

Men too, like to wear the ornaments, obviously of different style and designs, but they do. Men’s adornments also come in different varieties such as bracelets, pendants, rings, chains, cufflinks and earrings. They have also seen a great boost in popularity owing to their growing demand in recent times. Especially the earrings section has become very popular. Men have been wearing ornaments since very old times. In fact, they used to constitute to the equal demand of ornaments in respect to women and sometimes even more, due to the crowns that were worn mostly by men. For some time men’s trinkets’ demand has been decreasing because of existing fashion trends, but the recent trends show a different picture.

Adornments are still considered to be the best gift since time immemorial. It is not only about money, but about the feelings and emotions of the gifted that they connote. One important reason behind this thought process is that the value of gold only appreciates in reference to any other assets. Also, it can be kept in desired shape and condition with little care. That is also the reason many people also invest in the same for those rainy days.

Many people believe that wearing these accessories increases their confidence and boosts them to perform better. This is very true as wearing them makes you feel good and feeling good makes you confident. The ornaments do not only beautify men and women, but is available for kids too. Mainly the kids wear the earrings and the sets made especially for them.

These days, knick knacks are available in a variety of materials. Gold leads the list of favorite material, Silver follows close second. Other than these two, Platinum, the new and popular choice is used. Similarly, Titanium is extensively used to manufacture the adornments too. The new entrants of the genre are Rhodium and Palladium. Fashion jewellery is a very good option for those who cannot shell out more bucks without compromising with the trends.

One relatively new development in the field is online shopping for jewellery. This helps the customers to shop their accessories online and pay the way they are comfortable with, be it online payment, pay at delivery or even in installments. Now you can buy jewellery online from various portals at their online gold jewellery stores.

All said and done, ornaments are a signature of the owner to compliment their personality and complete the look.

The Most Expensive Sapphire Gemstones In The World

Sapphire is the most valuable and profitable blue gemstone. It is an extremely attractive gemstone because of its fantastic color, hardness, toughness, and gloss. In the gem trade, Sapphire with no color prefix alludes to the blue variety of the mineral Corundum. In any case, the term Sapphire encompasses all other jewel varieties and color of Corundum too, apart from Ruby, the red variety of Corundum, which has its own name since ancient times.

You will regularly hear that the rarest and most costly sapphire is the pink-orange padparadscha from Sri Lanka. Be that as it may, while the padparadscha is exceedingly rare, the finest blue sapphires are the ones that get the high price at auction.

Gemstone prices at auction are always on the up, with various stones achieving amazingly high rates under the sled. Colored stones specifically are drawing in attention with rubies and sapphires setting records, while pink precious stones are turning out to be always looked for as supplies in Australia’s Argyle mine dwindle. There has been a great deal of enthusiasm for blue precious stones as of late.

In May 2016, the 14.62carat Oppenheimer Blue diamond stone sold for £40 million, turning into the most expensive sapphire gemstone ever sold at that price. It broke the world record already held by the Blue Moon jewel, which sold for £32 million in November 2015.

The business achievement of outstanding gem can as well be partially be ascribed to auction houses embracing the digital age. At the point when Sotheby’s New York partnered with eBay for its Magnificent Jewels deal in April 2015, it accomplished an in-house record, and most other significant auctioneers now acknowledge virtual offers, giving their base of potential purchasers a genuine support. In any case, it’s surely an exciting time for fine gems’ most stupendous stones.

Blue diamond

The Oppenheimer Blue diamond was sold for a world record aggregate of £40 million in May 2016. The emerald stone once had a place with Sir Philip Oppenheimer, and sold in 25 minutes to a mysterious private authority.

Recorded below are other sapphire rounds up record-breaker in the previous year.


Named after a sonnet of the same name, the Sunrise Ruby was sold at Sotheby in May 2015 for £19.6 million ($30 million). The stone a 25.59-karat Burmese ‘pigeon’s blood’ ruby mounted via Cartier broke the world record, tripling the cost of the past record-holder the Graff Ruby. It as well broke the world auction record for cost per karat of any ruby and turned into the most costly Cartier gem ever auctioned.

Red diamond

The rarest of all colored diamonds precious stone are red jewels, so it’s nothing unexpected that the heart formed 2.09 karat Fancy Red VS2 precious stone by Moussaieff was sold for an amazing £3.4 million ($5.4 million) in Nov 2014 at Christie’s Hong Kong. This remains parts a record cost for a red diamond and per karat.

Orange diamond

No less than three times bigger than other known stone of its kind, The Orange, a 14.80 karat Fancy Vivid orange diamond was sold for £23.35 million at Christie’s in Nov 2013. The diamond additionally set the record for an aggregate cost for any orange jewel ever sold in that year.

The Different Between Sapphire And Ruby

Rubies and sapphires are gemstones that are both a type of corundum mineral. While these gemstones are very nearly one and the same, both stones are renowned for their colors, accessibility, and cost. In case you’re prepared to learn more about recognizing rubies and sapphires, their interesting chemical likenesses and contrasts, then go on reading for a brief overview on these lovely gemstones.

Color of Rubies and Sapphires

The properties of both stones are undefined: they both rate an 8.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, they both have a refractive record of 1.747 – 1.769 and they both have a particular gravity of 3.98 – 4.0.

The main distinction between ruby and sapphire gemstones is color. Rubies are red and all other corundum color varieties are known as sapphires. Corundum sapphires have different colors including blue, orange, pink, and yellow, while rubies are just red in color. Moreover, some white sapphires are so pale in look that they can without much of a stretch be mistaken for a diamond at a glance.

The thing is the different between pink sapphires and light red rubies are unclear. There are no particular principles on what shade of red constitutes (a ruby) and what shade of pink constitutes (a sapphire). In which some of the jewelry sellers take possession of these foggy difference and offer pink corundum gemstones as light rubies.

Availability and Price Differences between Rubies and Sapphires

Genuine rubies are to some degree uncommon, particularly the very attractive dull dark red rubies. Sapphires are more common than rubies and they are much found in carat sizes that surpass the size of most ruby gemstones. The distinctions in the accessibility between natural rubies and sapphires directly affect the price difference between these two gemstones. If in doubt, rubies are valued much higher than sapphire gemstones.

Different Meaning of Rubies and Sapphires

While both stones are for all intents and purposes the same, they have totally distinctive meaning:

Rubies are associated with strong zeal, good fortunes, protection from a setback, and individual motivation. The ruby is the great birthstone of December and birthstone of July.

Sapphires are connected with endowments, divine information, truthfulness and unwaveringness. The sapphire is the great birthstone of April and the cutting edge birthstone of September.

Metaphysical property of Rubies and Sapphires

In addition to the exceptional implications associated with gemstones, there are many who trust that the unique vigorous marks of these stones give metaphysical properties of both stones. For example, the “follow your bliss” kind of vitality rubies own is prized for its capacity to detoxify the blood and fortify the circulatory framework. Blue sapphires, on the other hand, are thought to quiet over movement in the body and get rid of stress.

Tips for Maintaining Your Pearl Jewelry

Durable and delicate at the same time, pearls are a beautiful and unique gemstone created by mollusks instead of the ground and their care is different than what you would expect for a gem. Here are five tips to help you ensure that your pearls are treasured for years to come.

Stay away from acids

If you have ever seen the grammar school science experiment involving an egg and vinegar, you’ll remember that the acid in the vinegar dissolved the shell and left a naked egg. That is because the egg shell is made of calcium. Your pearls are made of calcium carbonate too. That is why you want to avoid acids. When we think of acid, we usually picture something dangerous, however, we use acidic substances every day. In addition to vinegar, acids in our homes can include chlorine and citrus fruits. Our sweat also has an acidic pH which is why, “Pearls are the last thing you should put on and the first thing to take off,” is advice that has been handed down for generations. Avoid overnight wearing and always make sure to wipe the pearls off with a soft cloth before storing.

How to store your pearls

The best investment to store pearls is a soft cloth of silk, satin, or cotton. These can usually be found at your jewelers. Avoid storing your pearls in plastic as the chemicals released over time can destroy your pearls. You also want to store each of your pearl items individually. The nacre of pearls is hard, but in comparison to the metals and other gemstones in jewelry, it is quite soft and can be easily scratched. Do not store pearls in a dry space or safety deposit box – pearls need moisture. Of course, the best way to keep them hydrated is to wear them!

Be selective with certain pieces

Because pearls are a softer gem, you’ll want to make sure that you are limiting the use of rings and bracelets. Not only are you more likely to scratch a pearl ring or bracelet, you are also more likely to soil them. Save your rings and bracelets for special occasions. Earrings and necklaces are much better for daily wear, however, make sure that you are not wearing them when you apply makeup, hair products, or perfume.

Washing your pearls

Occasionally, you may need to wash your pearls. The best way to wash pearls is with a soft cotton cloth dampened with lukewarm distilled water. Tap water has chlorine which can damage your pearls. Gently rub the pearls until they are clean. If just water won’t clean them, you can use a natural soap as well. Stay away from steam, detergents and jewelry cleaners that do not specifically say they are safe for pearls. If the pearls are in a necklace, make sure not to pull or stretch the string in between, especially if they are not individually knotted. This can cause wear to the string and cause the strands to break. No one wants to crawl around searching for their pearls.


The best way to take care of your pearls is to make sure to check them at regular intervals. Make sure strands holding the pearls are still strong and supple. Make sure that pearls in settings are not loose. For stranded pearls, you should have them restrung by a jeweler every few years. Especially if you wear them a lot. Individually knotting them is more expensive but it pays off in the end. Having pearls on necklaces and bracelets individually knotted is more secure in case you do have a break. Better to lose one pearl than to lose all of them.

Pearls are organic and continue to change with time and they require a different type of maintenance from other jewelry. With the proper care, your pearls will maintain a high luster and be handed down generation to generation.

Are Sapphires Less Expensive Than Diamonds?

Sapphires and diamonds are categorized together as some of the most expensive gemstones. However white sapphires are cheaper compared to diamonds even though they share the same clarity and shine as well as beauty. In fact, if you are not careful, it can be easy to confuse between diamonds and white sapphires. There are of course a number of factors that command the prices of gemstones in the market and the same goes for diamonds and sapphires.


When it comes to pricing, diamonds are slightly above sapphires, even though they may share the same weight. The clarity grade and color of the stones will of course determine the price. For diamonds that stand at 1.5ct point and above the prices tend to rise steeply and the same goes for the sapphires. But even with the premium stone features, it is a fact that sapphires always cost less than diamonds even though not with a very big margin. If you are working on a budget when getting your engagement ring, then white sapphires can make very good alternatives to the diamonds.


One of the factors that make sapphires a bit cheaper to diamonds is durability. Diamonds are less prone to scratch, but sapphires are also hard because they contain corundum. When it comes to abrasions and hardness, sapphires score 400 points on Mohs scale, whereas diamonds score as high as 1500 points on the same scale. This means that you will get your sapphires are a cheaper price, but then you might need to keep up with constant care to keep them in top shape compared to a diamond. It is however also important to note that the crystalline structure of diamond makes it prone to chipping compared to sapphire, but this is a very rare occurrence common in princess cut diamonds.


White sapphires look very similar to real diamonds, but diamonds have more sparkle and scintillation. Sapphires so not display scintillation, but they are incredibly beautiful in their inherent body color, whereas diamonds are all about scintillation, fire and brilliance. Sapphires have that unique white appeal, making it a good alternative for many people, but if brilliance is what you are looking for, then diamonds are a much better choice. Milky and cloudy diamonds and sapphires do not hold much value and you should avoid them even though they may be cheaper.

Cut grading

Sapphires unlike diamonds do not have cut grading system. Sapphires can only be described in carat weight, shape and body color parameters and whether they have been heat treated or not. This is reasonable because the cut of sapphire does not in any way influence its beauty like it is the case with diamonds. Instead of paying too much attention to the cut, you simply need a good set of eyes to tell a good value sapphire.

Before buying any given gemstone you are interested in, it is important to take a closer look. Diamonds and sapphires are relatively expensive stones compared to others, but you can still find very reasonable prices, especially from online stores which have lower operating costs compared to brick and mortar stores.

Engagement rings come in very attractive designs and carry different gemstones to complete their beauty. Blue sapphires and white sapphires make some of the best for engagement rings, but you can choose from the rest of sapphire colors.

How to Buy The Best Men’s Watch

Choosing a watch as a man is a big decision. So many men love watches, how they work, basically what makes them tick. At the same time a good watch is also a status symbol and it’s possible to have a good quality watch for all occasions. For women it is shoes, handbags and jewellery, for men it is the watch that they wear.

Another thing you need to remember when you buying a good quality men’s watch is that men do know their watches. This can make the buying process daunting and overwhelming. If you are buying for yourself, then you will have some idea on what you are looking for, but if you are buying for a friend or a relative, then it can be harder to pinpoint which one you think will suit them best and meet their unique requirements.

Buying the right watch is similar to buying a class of single malt reserve compared to the everyday run of the mill whiskey you can buy in any shop. When it comes to a good quality watch, it needs to be the single malt, something that you can be proud to wear and that is an investment, rather than a cheap watch that is likely to stop working any minute and does not provide you with the status you are looking to achieve.

Then there is the choice between quartz or automatic. There is something very old school about winding your watch to help it keep time. At the same time, when living a busy lifestyle, it is very easy to forget to wind your watch, thereby having the wrong time on you when you need it most. With automatic watches, they have an automatic mechanism which can be trusted to help the watch keep accurate time, ideal for those who manage busy lifestyles on a daily basis.

Know the different styles and identify which style is going to be the best one for you. There is the dress watch, which is smart and perfect for those evening meals and also for corporate wear. A dress watch looks spectacular if you are wearing a suit. Then there is the diving watch, which is the best choice for anyone who is active. These watches are waterproof and also usually have extra strength to manage the sporting activities thrown at them each day.

The driving watch and the aviator watches are also very distinguished and unique and can be great additions to your collection when a dress or diving watch doesn’t fit the description for your outfit on the day.

It is important when you are selecting a good quality watch that you focus on what type will best meet your needs. Look at your lifestyle. Where do you spend most of your time? Do you spend your days dressed in a suit sitting in an office setting? Then a dress or driving watch is for you. If you work outdoors, then a diving or aviator watch is for you. Of course if when you leave the office, you enjoy adrenaline sports, then it is definitely worthwhile having one of each.

Always measure your wrist so you know what size wrist band you need. Most watches adjust, but it is worthwhile knowing and checking the watch for size before making any purchases.

The final important thing when choosing a watch for a man is to compare the prices from one company to the next. Once you have decided on a particular watch and model, then you can shop around to find that perfect match.

Simple Guide For Choosing Perfect Diamond Wedding Rings

You are now at the peak of your engagement and are looking forward to walking down the aisle. Why don’t you pick diamond weddings rings to keep reminding you of your valuable vows all the days of your marriage? Diamonds are classic and timeless. They are also durable, long lasting, and most popular center gem.

There are several shapes, sizes, and qualities of diamonds in the market. Each type comes with a different price tag, value, and aesthetics. Here are the most common selection points.

Shopping by shape

The most important cut is the brilliant round. When well-polished, it interacts with light to show hue from all directions. They offer the maximum sparkle and fire performance. This cut is also the most expensive
There are other fancy shapes that look great for the ring. Princess diamond cuts have a contemporary beauty that gives it the brilliance of a brilliant round but at a lower price. Cushion diamonds are great for vintage settings, while marquise shapes are perfect for traditional weddings. Other lovely shapes include pear, oval radiant, heart, emerald, and Asscher.

Choice of the carat weight and size

The weight of the diamond is measured in carats, with each carat being 0.2 grams. The value of diamonds goes up with higher carat points. The size of the diamond may or may not mean higher carat points. When selecting the perfect diamond for your ring, choose between the size and quality and make a tradeoff between the two depending on your budget. In most cases, the carat is used as the approximation of the size of the diamond. However, sometimes the actual dimensions are measured.

Choose the color and clarity of diamonds

Diamonds come with inclusions in them from the rocks where they were mined. The color of the inclusions may range from brown, yellow. Diamonds without any inclusions are colorless or icy white. The colorless diamond is the most expensive and very rare. The value of the rest increases with the minor inclusions.

The clarity of the diamond has to do with internal and external flows. If it is perfectly cut, polished and have few or no internal inclusions. The higher the clarity, the more sparkling the diamond.

It is good that you choose a diamond gem that comes with a certificate of grading from an independent and authority gemological laboratory. Select a ring that you can wear comfortably and made from a quality metal such as platinum or gold. Remember, the appearance of the metallic ring amplifies the quality and value of the diamond stone. All the best in your shopping!


How To Elegantly Wear Your Diamond Earrings

Diamonds still make precious additions to any woman’s jewelry. The fact is that most women own a pair of the shiny twinkly diamond earrings. If you own these precious jewels, then you want to do them justice by wearing them right. Because of their versatility, it should not be that hard to pull off an elegant look regardless of the type of diamond earrings you have.

The types

Wearing your diamond earrings right means knowing what types you have. The shape and the size of the earrings can determine how to best wear them. Diamond studs happen to be the most popular types and they are actually very common. They are designed to sit right on the ear and they make classics. They may be understated but they definitely are beautiful. Cluster diamond earrings are the other type you will find. They hang gracefully from the ear and they can be chandelier style or in a simpler setting and style. Diamond hoop earrings are also common and they tend to have a modern look to them. They are chic and stylish.

When to wear them

Gone are the days when diamond earrings could only be worn to the fanciest occasions and events. Today, you have the freedom to wear your diamonds even in every day settings to any place and event. You simply need to get the style right and they will look the part and actually add that touch of elegance to your overall look. They are versatile, suiting even occasions that are less formal.

Pairing with other jewelry

One of the most outstanding features of diamonds is their clear color that makes them match with everything. This does not however mean that you can go overboard with the diamond earrings. The less the jewelry you have on, the better and the more outstanding the diamond earrings will look. The key here is to give them a chance to shine so be very minimal with the rest of the jewelry whether necklaces or bracelets. If you must pair, then choose silver pieces that are bold and contemporary, but in designs that do not outshine the diamond earrings that you want to trot. Important to remember is that even though it could be okay to pair with other gemstones and gold, the diamonds could end up outshining them and making them look cheap.

Hairstyles that work

Slicking the hair back in an up-do is the way to go when you want to feature the stunning earrings into your look. You can also look glamorous with curled hair that is pinned back from the face if you are going for a romantic setting. If attention to the earrings is not something you are looking for, then you can definitely wear hair down.

Outfits that work

To give the earrings extra sparkle, pair with all-black ensemble for a gorgeous contrasting look. An outfit that has a neckline showing some skin like a V-neck or boat neck makes the earrings shine as they should.

Whether you choose diamond studs, diamond hoop earrings or diamond cluster earrings, how you wear them determines how elegant they look on you and how stunning you overall appearance turns out.

Diamond Jewellery Trends 2016

or those who love delicate jewellery, diamond is the first choice. If you are one among them, here is some good news. Delicate diamond jewellery is in vogue this year. All you need to master is how to wear them in style.

Delicate Darlings

Large cocktail rings studded with diamond are passé. Delicate diamond jewellery that is like a second skin and is easy to wear is in vogue in 2016. It has been embraced by not just chic women, but even by hip youngsters.

Get your jewellery personalised

Personalised diamond jewellery is also big this year. And fashion-conscious women are busy giving unique touches to their jewellery. They are making their diamond jewellery personal, and having a bit of fun at that. They are making a splash with diamond-studded letter bracelet and necklace, which are worn singly or stacked together. You can play with initials or even complete words. For instance, spells out your name or any other fun words like “LOL” adorned with small diamonds for a delicate look.

Stack it up

In 2016, it is all about collectability and personalised look. Stack, mix and match diamond jewellery; that is the way you should wear jewellery this year. Stacking diamond bracelets, rings and even necklaces is the natural first step to personalising. Just focus on bringing informality to your look. Wearing one diamond ring is so formal, but one on each finger gives you a comfortable look, and you can team it up with your jeans. Slender diamond bracelets that can be stacked up on the wrist are high on fashion. Think about the grunge meets glamour look while wearing delicate diamond jewellery this year and you will be spot on.

How about mismatched diamond earrings!

Multiple ear piercings have become more mainstream. You will find the young and the old alike wearing mismatched diamond earrings, too. For instance, you may find a diamond-dusted miniature key dangle from one, and a padlock studded with diamonds from the other.

Diamond pins for that sophisticated look

Diamond pins have also made a comeback with a bang in 2016. They can be worn on jackets and even saris to add a very personal touch to your outfit.

Cuffed in style

Diamond cuffs look immaculate when you team them up with five or more. You can wear them with cocktail dresses, saris, or lehengas for a formal look. Also, you can wear them with jeans for an informal look.

Diamond studded large hoop earrings

Diamond studded large hoop earrings are in vogue in 2016. But forget the plain-looking hoops of yesteryear; we’re talking about diamond and precious gemstone-studded hoops for a stylish take on the bohemian look.

Diamond jewellery attracts attention with its spark and radiance. Moreover, it matches with any outfit and enhance your personality.