Diamond Jewellery Trends 2016

or those who love delicate jewellery, diamond is the first choice. If you are one among them, here is some good news. Delicate diamond jewellery is in vogue this year. All you need to master is how to wear them in style.

Delicate Darlings

Large cocktail rings studded with diamond are passé. Delicate diamond jewellery that is like a second skin and is easy to wear is in vogue in 2016. It has been embraced by not just chic women, but even by hip youngsters.

Get your jewellery personalised

Personalised diamond jewellery is also big this year. And fashion-conscious women are busy giving unique touches to their jewellery. They are making their diamond jewellery personal, and having a bit of fun at that. They are making a splash with diamond-studded letter bracelet and necklace, which are worn singly or stacked together. You can play with initials or even complete words. For instance, spells out your name or any other fun words like “LOL” adorned with small diamonds for a delicate look.

Stack it up

In 2016, it is all about collectability and personalised look. Stack, mix and match diamond jewellery; that is the way you should wear jewellery this year. Stacking diamond bracelets, rings and even necklaces is the natural first step to personalising. Just focus on bringing informality to your look. Wearing one diamond ring is so formal, but one on each finger gives you a comfortable look, and you can team it up with your jeans. Slender diamond bracelets that can be stacked up on the wrist are high on fashion. Think about the grunge meets glamour look while wearing delicate diamond jewellery this year and you will be spot on.

How about mismatched diamond earrings!

Multiple ear piercings have become more mainstream. You will find the young and the old alike wearing mismatched diamond earrings, too. For instance, you may find a diamond-dusted miniature key dangle from one, and a padlock studded with diamonds from the other.

Diamond pins for that sophisticated look

Diamond pins have also made a comeback with a bang in 2016. They can be worn on jackets and even saris to add a very personal touch to your outfit.

Cuffed in style

Diamond cuffs look immaculate when you team them up with five or more. You can wear them with cocktail dresses, saris, or lehengas for a formal look. Also, you can wear them with jeans for an informal look.

Diamond studded large hoop earrings

Diamond studded large hoop earrings are in vogue in 2016. But forget the plain-looking hoops of yesteryear; we’re talking about diamond and precious gemstone-studded hoops for a stylish take on the bohemian look.

Diamond jewellery attracts attention with its spark and radiance. Moreover, it matches with any outfit and enhance your personality.